Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Man's Junk...

is another man's treasure! Or should I say a woman's treasure?

As the weather cools (yes, it's finally getting below the sweltering temperatures here in Florida) it's the perfect time to head out to the flea markets. How I love to sift through all of the wonderful little trinkets and treasures of times gone by. Some of the odds and ends aren't extremely old, but interesting in that they may remind us of our own past (and sometimes unusual) collections. If these treasures could only speak, we would know the story behind how these bits and pieces of people's lives ended up here on the many shelves and booths of this dusty market.

It's a great place to visit for inspiration and a nice inexpensive way to spend the day out and about.

Shelves and shelves of ceramic bells and shoes...and a few toys that at one point were in "McDonald's          Happy Meals". I think I see Odie next to one of the seven dwarfs on the top left shelf, where is Garfield?

  More porcelain shoes and booties galore! Is that a hamburger candle on the bottom left side of the shelf?

These boxes filled with bits and pieces of this and that have my imagination I would love
to use them to create something new and wonderful...maybe in a piece of collage or altered art?

                                                                    Tiny delicate.

    AND...this is where I STOP and have to buy this adorable little trinket box with two tiny birds. It's in
    perfect condition and for a mere cost of only $2.00???? I have had this fascination with birds lately so
    this will be a perfect addition to my collection. On to the next booth! What will I find?

Oh my...another bird calling to me...only a quarter? He's simple but cute. The tiny white bird will be          
joining  my collection. Anyone collect cats? Only seventy-five cents for the three on the shelf. The bird is safe for now....MEOW.  Hmmm, let's see what's around the corner.

                                      Chuckle, chuckle...I could use a couple of these jars!

Nope, don't need the Budweiser sign.

Maybe the hat belonged to Jackie O?

This is a little creepy...escaped from one of the Chucky movies?

Where else can you meet Elvis and get your picture with him? ONLY at the flea market. It's really where
he's been all this time! He's tall, huh?

Now wouldn't it be cool to have this? I could be the back seat driver (why bother peddling?)

What's a flea market without knock-off Coach purses? As a designer, this puts a burr in my saddle.
Where are the copyright police? Hello? HELLO? This is a crime!

Your guess is as good as mine?&*)(*!  What a bargain, only a DOLLAR!

The produce section - usually great prices compared to the grocery stores, but the spotted pears look somewhat weird.   

Time to call it a day.

Fun day at the market.... $0.00
Additons to my collection....$2.25 for birds.
$3.00 for a diet coke and a soft pretzel.