Friday, August 30, 2013

Studio Happenings at the Santaella Studios for the Arts - Karen Embry Designs

I can hardly believe it's been almost three years since I moved into the Santaella Studios. Initially it was to simply be a working studio, but I have been pleasantly surprised to see the changes since I arrived.

A big thanks to Kerry Vosler  for being the workhorse behind organizing the tenant artists to team up and put on the wonderful resident art shows in our building. Someone mentioned that trying to organize these events with such a large group of creative individuals was something like trying to herd cats. Sometimes it seems impossible, but Kerry always manages to accomplish it with the help of our artists.

                                         Our next big event is this November 8th, 2013. 

With more new artists than ever in our building, it will be our best show yet.  I'll also be coordinating the grand opening of my new studio in suite #314 for this event on November 8th. I have been working diligently on finalizing the studio d├ęcor as well as creating many new pieces that will debut at the show.

Our last building event was organized by a private group, The Krewe of St. Brigit. They held a wine tasting and social along with our a tour of our open studios. We have an awesome gallery in the building, the "J.D. Van Pelt Gallery", that can be rented for private events. This brings in a wonderful variety of guests.

This is the brochure from the Krewe of St. Brigit that listed the tenant studios that were open for the event. 

I had a chance to step out of my studio before this event began to visit with some of my third story neighbors and snap their photos in their creative spaces.  

                                       Rick Reeves  -
                                        and Sharon Dixon with a  "New Leaf Floral Designs"
                                        ( are in studio #313


Lorrie Mason - Suite #300

Laszlo Horvath Suite #315

Marilyn Silverman

 Suite #305 I am in my studio #312.  This is the last photo in my old studio...lots of new things happening in my new studio #314!!

The eclectic mix of artists makes the "Santaella Studios for the Arts" a unique venue in Tampa, Florida.  I hope you can make it to our next show!

Do what you love, love what you do!!!!!!!!!

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