Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Finished! My new website   KarenEmbryDesigns.com   is up and running! ...WOO HOO! I feel a certain amount of satisfaction knowing that I accomplished this using the Adobe Muse program.

Muse, was released a few years back, but for me it was a NEW learning experience. Although technically it was relatively simple once I learned the tools, it was a somewhat time consuming project.   In the process, I learned way more that I wanted to about DNS servers, MX records, redirecting e-mail, etc. One bit of advice, don't shut down one hosting company before the other is completely active. (For those of you that may have made this mistake, you would totally understand).

My new website, is simple and to the point. Not a lot of fluff. You can find out the basics about me, my art, my studio and what I am up to currently... without having to read a book. Of course, it still needs a little tweaking, but the Muse program makes it SO easy. Hope you like my new website!

I would love to hear your comments...