Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's A New Day, It's A New Blog!

WELCOME TO MY NEW ART & DESIGN BLOG! I am very excited to be stepping into the blog world. The stars have fully aligned themselves to open up the time (and my mind) to begin this wonderful journey.

Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, "The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams". I absolutely LOVE this quote! We all need a dream. Something to believe in, something that keeps our hearts open to future possibilities.

Do you remember as a child daydreaming about what "could be" instead of what "should be"? As an artist, I have always tried to keep that "could be" mentality. It will keep the child inside of you alive. It will leave your mind open to the opportunities of the universe.
I am truly fortunate to be able to express myself with creativity in my day-to-day life and in what I do for a living. From the time I was a child I knew that this is what I wanted to do. Although I realize that I will always be some place between where I was and where I want to be, this is a good thing. It is a life process that helps me realize I always need to move forward. I was never the one to just settle or be content without opening the next door.

I have an amazing family that has always been supportive of my creative endeavors. They have been the most important part of my life and work. At the end of the day, they are the ones that make it possible and make it all matter.

As I step into this new "blog land", I am looking forward to this new way of evolving and expressing myself. I will share with you my musings of who I am, what I do and maybe sometimes why I do it. I hope to ignite your imagination by sharing the creative process, techniques, ideas and inspiration.

I hope you will join me on this artful journey...the possibilities are endless!


Jen Goode said...

Loving your new blog, it looks fabulous! I'm very excited to start reading what you have to share!

Tara Reed said...

Welcome to the wild world of blogging Karen! I too, was very blog resistant at first and now you can't keep me quiet.

What a great way to start - focus on what "could be" and you will live an amazing life shooting for the stars!


Aaron Christensen said...

Good for you Karen!
I'm embarking on the same path, so I look forward to watching your baby steps, just before I take mine. I'm stuck on the page layout...arghhh. Thanks for sharing with us, it's an honor to glimpse into your world. Keep on, keepin' on!

D. Lindsey said...

You're off to a great start with a lovely first post! Looking forward to seeing more! :)

Elizabeth P said...

Welcome to blogland!!! I´ve visited your site some days ago and I have to say I love your art!

I love what you said on this first blog post too! and I totally agree with you. As an artist I´ll always keep the child inside of me alive, I couldn´t live without that!

I guess I´m your first follower :)

Karen Embry said...

Thank you Tara! I am looking forward to blogging my heart out!

Karen Embry said...

Jen & D. Lindsey - Thanks so much for the kind and encouraging words.
Aaron, getting your feet wet is the first "baby step"...go for it! You have such nice things to say - Thank you.
Softpencil - THANKS for being my first official follower!!!! Stay tuned, I have lots more to share.

J. Wecker Frisch said...

Hi Karen - I began a blog in January. I went strong for the first 5 mos and then, summer hit. I still enjoy it but realize that time management skills not being my strong suit, requires that I change my blogging ways! Good luck, I agree a wonderful expression venue for an artist.