Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Simply... "BELIEVE"

Ever get up in the morning and wonder what your day will be like?

As I opened the kitchen cabinet this morning to retrieve a coffee cup...I contemplated whether it would be a "DREAM" day thinking about all of the possibilities, or should I spend the day trying to IMAGINE" what could be or should I "BLOOM" in spirit like a summer rose?

I surrendered to the idea of a "BELIEVE" day. A day laid out to cultivate mindful, joyous expectations that wonderful things will happen. Look within, explore outside - but wherever you may seek, know that believing is only the beginning of letting your spirit soar.

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Maureen said...

Amen. I agree totally. Believe is my word for 2011, I wear it on a chain. It reminds me each day, and as often as necessary to believe in myself.
lovely post.