Tuesday, October 18, 2011


These two adorable creatures are what make up the pitter-patter of four big and four tiny feet in our household. The little dachshund (with a BIG attitude) is Jake. The other big girl with the inquisitive face, (sometimes I call her MOOSE), is Ginger.

Ginger came from Beagle Rescue about six and a half years ago. Yes, I know she doesn't resemble a beagle in any way. However, that is okay, as it isn't important what kind of dog she is, we love her for being HER.

In life, I suppose it is easy to take a lot for granted until the possibility of something arises that could change what we expect to be the everyday norm.

Yesterday, my husband and I took Ginger to the vet, as she hasn't been quite herself lately. Ginger was diagnosed with canine diabetes and there is the possibility of some other health issues. She had to stay overnight for treatment and we are hoping to hear good news, but I don't know...

My heart hurts. I am hoping for the best.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Karen, I'm so sorry. They aren't pets, are they. They're family. We hurt when they hurt. I hope the news is better.

Hugs, Diane

Karen Embry said...

Thanks Diane. For now we are taking it a day at a time.